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The Louisiana Industrial Development Executives Association (LIDEA) is a non-profit trade organization whose mission is to increase the effectiveness of individuals involved in the practice of economic development in Louisiana through education, public policy advocacy, and collaboration; LIDEA is the voice of the profession in Louisiana. 

To join LIDEA or learn more, please visit LIDEA's website.

Professional Development

LIDEA strongly encourages our members to participate in professional development courses and programs to acheive their economic development certification(s).  


Louisiana's CLED program is one of the nation's best in-state economic development programs.  The quality of instruction is second to none.  The curriculum is designed to help participants learn how to apply the latest cutting edge practices in economic development, with consideration for the unique laws, assets, incentives, and challenges in Louisiana.  For practitioners who intend to follow their economic development path in the great state of Louisiana, there is no better choice.

For practitioners who seek a career path that may lead them outside of Louisiana, perhaps the IEDC training program should be considered.  The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) is a non-profit, non-partisan membership organization serving economic developers. IEDC offers a certification program that is globally recognized, unifying and setting the standard of excellence for the discipline.  LIDEA is proud to partner with IEDC in supporting the promotion of these professional development and educational events.  To learn more about IEDC's Certified Economic Developer Program, click


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