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                                             Dr. David Kolzow

                                             CLED Program Founder and Program Dean 2008 - 2016


Dr. Kolzow is currently President of Team Kolzow, Inc., an economic development consulting firm out of Franklin, Tennessee.   Previously, he served as Executive Director of the Tennessee Leadership Center, which was part of Tennessee Tomorrow based in Nashville, Tennessee;

- From 1999 to 2003, the Chair of the Department of Economic Development and Planning at the University of Southern Mississippi;

- From 1997 to 1999 a Principal at Lockwood Greene Consulting in Greer, South Carolina;

- Principal in charge of Economic Development for Fluor Daniel Consulting from 1995 to 1997.

- From 1986 to early 1995, President of the firm of Kolzow & Associates Inc., a site selection and economic development consulting firm based in Tucson, Arizona.

Other past positions include Vice President of the Greater Tucson Economic Council, Manager in Real Estate Advisory Services for Laventhol & Horwath, Vice President in charge of Development Advisory Services for PHH Fantus, and Assistant Vice President with Real Estate Research Corporation.  Dr. Kolzow also was on the faculty of DePaul University and Northeastern Illinois University, and taught courses at the University of Arizona.


Dr. Kolzow has over 40 years of consulting experience in site selection, real estate development planning, and community economic development.  His past clients include numerous communities, states, and some of the largest real estate developers in the nation.  His wide-ranging experience has also made him popular as a speaker and trainer.  He served on the faculty of the Economic Development Institute at the University of Oklahoma from 1985 to 2000, and recently has been the instructor for EDI’s online course in strategic planning.  Since 1995, he has been the principal instructor of the IEDC course on Management, and has provided the World Bank with its management training of investment promotion managers in underdeveloped countries.  Dr. Kolzow has served on the faculty of Basic Economic Development Courses in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Georgia, Arizona, New Mexico, Michigan, Kentucky, California, and North Carolina, and is currently Dean of the Basic course in Louisiana.


Dr. Kolzow has authored a number of articles, as well as the books entitled Leading from Within: Building Organizational Leadership Capacity (a self-published e-book in 2014), Managing for Excellence: Outcome-Based Performance for the Economic Development Organization (a self-published e-book in 2012), A Strategic Approach to Economic Development published by Taimerica Management in mid-2010,  Strategic Planning for Economic Development published by the American Economic Development Council in 1988 and subsequently revised, and Leadership: The  Key Issue in Economic Development that was published by the Southern Economic Development Council in early 2003. 


Dr. Kolzow received his B.S. degree from Concordia College in River Forest, Illinois; his M.S. in Geography from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb; and his Ph.D. in Geography from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale.  His active professional memberships include the International Economic Development Council and the Tennessee Economic Development Council. 

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