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                                             Gabriel Vicknair, CLED

                                             Assistant Executive Director, Downtown Development District


Gabriel Vicknair is a Certified Louisiana Economic Developer and the Assistant Executive Director of the Baton Rouge Downtown Development District.  The Downtown Development District leverages knowledge, capital, and relationship building to foster development and growth in the downtown Baton Rouge area.  Baton Rouge has been visited by many other cities to learn best practices on how to revitalize the downtown area of a mid-size city.  Gabe has served the Downtown Development District in several crucial roles and his agency has won 14 awards during his tenure there.

Research Topic:  Downtown Baton Rouge:  Strengthening Quality of Place through Community Planning and Urban Design

Gabe had a few words to say about his experience in participating in the CLED economic development training program;

Mr. Vicknair has a bachelor of science degree from LSU (Louisiana State University) in Landscape Architecture.

"The CLED program was a great experience. The instructors were very professional and informative, and offered unique insight on a range of relevant topics. Coming from a design and planning background, the program not only educated me on the best practices of economic development and how traditional economic develop agencies operate, but it has given me a better understanding and wider perspective on the role that downtown areas play in the regional economy. Since taking the course, I have been able to improve and enhance many ongoing programs, and even introduce new methods of redevelopment in Downtown Baton Rouge."

Don Pierson, CEcD

Mr. Vicknair is presented his certification by chairman Scot Byrd.

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